DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – After seasons of falling attendance and TV viewership, NASCAR has tried a few new features to help re-spark interest in the series – the Gen 6 car, bringing on Monster Energy Drinks with their bikini babes as the title sponsor and changing the championship format to include The Chase are just a few examples.  But after these tweaks, NASCAR officials have decided to take a break from experimenting and learning and let the current format settle for a bit.  “It’s the same crap as 2018,” said Mark Towers, NASCAR’s Race Director, “New year, same crap.  But we’re excited for it.  Who knows, maybe sitting here and doing nothing will work in NASCAR’s favor this season.  As long as Jimmy Johnson isn’t winning and some young Bozo you’ve never heard of wins the 500, maybe that interest comes back stronger.

NASCAR’s President of Marketing, Bob Sawyer added, “Being consistent, predictable, boring and sticking to our core is part of NASCAR’s heritage, but for the last few seasons we’ve gone against that and we’ve seen how that has not worked in our favor.  For 2019 we’ll get back to our roots and just let it ride and see what happens. We’ve talked to those boys from AVESCO, but their idea of cheap, reliable, powerful cars that race well and have an extremely strong promotional package are just a little too edgy for us in 2019.  Maybe by 2021 we’ll get around to something like that.”