NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Florida – Big Cat enthusiast Richard Matthews was delighted to learn last month that Daytona would be hosting a Roar festival. “How great I thought, for the Daytona Beach community to be exposed to and celebrate these beautiful creatures,” recalled Matthews to Channel 5 News. He was a little perplexed as to why they would host such an event at a racetrack rather than a zoo or conservation area but nonetheless he was ecstatic. However, when he arrived midday on Thursday he was met with nothing close to what he expected. “It was all cars! Why advertise ‘roaring’ if you aren’t talking about big cats!” Matthews demanded and was granted a refund by the speedway, despite that being against policy. “Well we thought people would be here to see Fernando Alonso or Helio Castroneves, but this is certainly a first,” said Daytona PR rep Stacy Adams.