AGOURA HILLS, California – Max Schertzen, 16 year old US F3 Americas competitor, has been suspended 3 races by F3 Americas and shunned by fellow F3 drivers when a video posted on his YouTube account showed the young Schertzen driving a street car with a manual gearbox at a local track day event.  “I honestly can’t see why he would even want to learn an antiquated technology like a manual gearbox.  The ability to “heel-toe” or whatever Senna does in that NSX video at Suzuka, is pointless and honestly doesn’t even gain him anything.  A lost art my ass,” said Steven Agiliatte, 2018 F3 runner-up.  F3 Americas Competition Director Thomas Martin said, “The target driver F3 Americas is going after is one that has not experienced an H-pattern gearbox.  F3 Americas is a ladder series, not Formula 1.  We do need or want to force other competitors to learn this advanced skill set when we have the more appropriate solution in the car currently.”

When asked about manual transmissions Schertzen told The Lugg Nutt, “My dad taught me when I was 11 in a church parking lot and I thought it was fun.  Better than just clicking a little flappy paddle.  Oh well.  Even a Mitsubishi SUV has paddle shift.  How is that okay with everyone?”