OSTEND, Belgium – The old mantra of giving the people what they want has never been truer than an announcement made today to introduce a groundbreaking new series where every car will be required to have the Gulf Oil livery. The iconic orange and blue is best known for being a rarity in racing circles over the last 50 years and one that can only be seen on thousands of cars or bootleg t-shirts. After years of market research that included reading thousands of internet comments and browsing over-priced racing related online stores, the organizers knew what they had to do.

Le Mans prototypes, GT cars, some guy with a Spec Racer Ford made to look like Can-Am, jackets, key chains, shoes, Steve McQueen movies, shirts, more jackets, and sweat pants that say Gulf on the butt are great and all but we decided to take it all to its logical conclusion and have a series with nothing but Gulf Oil cars,” said the managing director of Gulf All The Things Global Championship, “read enough comments on the internet and you will see how many times someone says a car looks okay but would be better with a Gulf Oil livery. Our key demographics are males 70-85 and kids who just do the custom paint stuff on Forza but never play the game so let the money flow forth.

The organizers pointed out that if this does not work plans to start another series based around the Hesketh bear are already in the works.