DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – In a cost cutting initiative all GTD teams have agreed in principle to have a WeatherTech branded car ready should they be called upon. Abrupt driver changes that require a new livery have become so commonplace that IMSA took the issue directly to manufactures with the hope of an amicable solution. Acura supported Shark Racing was in line with the proposal. “Privately we all had discussed the possibility of having to keep a WeatherTech wrapped car in reserve and what the costs would entail,” said a perfectly attired Michael Shark wearing a belt buckle second to none, “let’s say Sebring doesn’t go well for the WeatherTech car then anyone of us could be a target based on finishing ahead of them. We need a contingency plan, and it was great of IMSA to bring this to the table. We even got some nice rubber coasters to sweeten the deal.” New class entrants McLaren declares they were exempt due to employing a factory driver and not needing the exposure.