SPRING HILL, Florida –  Getting to the new year and through family meals without an uncomfortable conversation was too much to ask of one local dad. With only a few bites left on his plate, Chuck Sterling, asked for everyone’s attention before making his prediction that 2019 would be the year Marco Andretti would finally win the 500. Caught off guard by her husband’s remarks Ann Sterling just wanted the day to be over so everyone could move on,”I am so angry about this, because before dinner Chuck agreed not to discuss politics, religion, or Marco Andretti’s chances of winning his first Indy in 2019. Our daughter was mortified. No one was really offended but just embarrassed that Chuck could really have thoughts like this.”

Chuck’s daughter told her dad to apologize for which he claimed it was just the wine talking before moving the conversation along to safer territory and wanting to know everyone’s opinions on BoP and Driver Rankings in IMSA.