Best New Series that Nobody Wanted or Asked for: The W Series


In a year that saw several series take new form and a few spring up from the ground, the W Series was the least asked for and most universally lambasted. Setting back progress for women in sport by 50 years is just a fun byproduct of a series that should wow spectators with all the thrills of an F4 race.

Best Alonso Cameo of 2018: Jimmie Johnson Ride Swap


In a year that saw Fernando make is Rolex24, WEC, and Le Mans 24 debut, the award goes to none of those things. Throw him in a cup car at Bahrain? Heck yeah. That’s your winner right there.

Best Post-Race Fortnite Dance Performance: Sage Karam after an iRacing win.


After taking a C-class win back in July, Sage sprung up from his chair and hit the “shoot dance” like only he could. Reports from the scene (his Dad and brother)  called it “LIT”, and “SO HYPE”.

Best New Class: WEC Hypercahahahahahaha


ahahahahahahhahahahaahhaahah I mean seriously? look at that thing….ahhahahahahahaah

Biggest Surprise: Weathertech Doesn’t Switch Cars


2018’s biggest shocker was Weathertech and its heir apparent not switching to a “faster” car mid-season. Usually a staple of the GTD season, the mid-season shuffling of resources Weathertech goes through each summer never happened. After buying a spot…I mean forming a partnership with defending champs Scuderia Corsa, the black and white boys stuck it out for a full season.

Top Internet Commenter of 2018: Guy with Anime Profile Picture


Merging his two passions, anime and regional European sportscar racing, 17 year old Paw Paw, Wi. native Tyler Morris had a banner year. Whether it was in various Facebook groups, or posting on forums and in comment sections as GDriveAnimeFan2001 about how superior ELMS and WEC are to IMSA, Morris was on fire in 2018. His most prolific post came in July of 2018 when he posted a 27 photos of the Dome S103 to the “IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Racing” Facebook group and asked why IMSA doesn’t allow innovation.