BECKYSTOWN, Ohio – Fan favorite sportscar team SHART Racing has announced their 2019 racing plans by entering a car for the full season in the Poop Cup.  Team Manager B.M. Asston is excited about the teams plans, “We were really hoping to compete at a higher level than the Poop Cup, but the manufacturer couldn’t get us a car on time and really dumped a load on us at the last minute,” Asston continued, “We had a pile of data on the GT3, but this is probably the better option to be honest.  We don’t have as much funding as some other teams – we’re really penny pinching a loaf just to make a budget, but our guys are really good and we know we’ll be competitive and sit on the top of the throne.”

One fartory driver, Bryan Beversley, was announced as the lead pilot and is quite confident, “I’m excited for the season.  We have a small, but very talented team and we’ll be ready.  Our plans are to be #1, not #2.  We’re blue collar. We’re just going to churn that butt butter and get to work. We’re out here to leave some streaks and flush the competition.”