By Kevin Guirro

I want to let you in on a little secret that not many people are aware of and has been little reported on for 26 years. Ayrton Senna once tested a Penkse PC-21! Can you believe that? The cat is out of the bag! Here was the biggest name in motorsport flying into Firebird Raceway in Arizona to put the pedal to the metal and explore the option of racing in CART. Senna was disgusted with what Formula 1 was becoming and wanted to get back to pure racing! Sure, if you’re a cynic you would say it was just to spite Ron Dennis of McLaren, and that once in the car, Senna became disinterested and left shortly after without any real indication he cared about being there. Imagine Senna signing a deal to race in CART, doing a couple races, telling everyone how miserable he was then heading back to Europe. Oh man, that would have really been something to see! Over the years this test has been lost to time. If you are lucky, every year you will only see a couple dozen articles about it as well as nauseating think pieces that equate a bored F1 driver being paid by a sponsor to make an appearance to the moon landing . If you are really lucky, you will see the video footage that has 600,000,000 views on YouTube. That was a remarkable moment in American open wheel racing that will never be duplicated, except for a year later when Nigel Mansell showed up.