DAYTONA BEACH, Florida – In a bid to attract a younger audience, NASCAR announced today a partnership with Sony, where a Hologram version of Dale Earnhardt Sr. will perform the viral hit ‘Mo Bamba’. The song, by emerging hip-hop artist Sheck Wes, is a far cry from what NASCAR fans are traditionally used to, but leadership is optimistic that merging the famed #3 with a hot viral trend will deliver big broadcast numbers.

“Well we saw the success of the Tupac hologram a few years back and thought, how can we use this to our advantage. What a way to kick off 2019 than Big E himself hyping up the crowd,” NASCAR’s CEO said.

The ‘Daytona Day Concert Series’ will also feature other up and coming NASCAR related musical acts. Such as: Florida Georgia Yellow Line Rule, Austin Dillon’s rap alter ego ‘lil Dab, and Panic! At the NASCAR Hauler.