Christmas is right around the corner and you still need to buy a gift or two for your basement-dwelling son.  Well you’re in luck, here’s the Top 10 Sim Racing Gifts of 2018.

10) SimRaceTech Driving Seat – Your son can race in comfort and look like a real race driver he’ll never be.

9) SimXtra Blow Up Doll – There’s a reason your son lives in your basement at 32

8) Microsoft’s CART Precision Racing (game) – CPR came out in 1997, but its still the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be

7) Sparco LoserX3 Racing Gloves – We know your son has sweaty palms, that nerd, here’s Sparco’s sim racing gloves that helps wick away sweat

6) TechTen Button Box – Sim Racers love Button Boxes for some reason, so here’s the first one we googled

5) Mail Order Bride from Russia – This could be your sons first step at getting out of your basement

4) Mountain Dew Amazon Button – 9 cans of Dew to every one cup of water is like the fountain of youth for every sim racer

3) EvoRace Formula Style Simulator – This company bought every G Force GF09 IRL chassis out there when they wanted to start their own race series, quickly realized how dumb of an idea that was, so they started building simulators out of them.  Now your son can be the next Billy Boat.

2) Hanes Socks 10 pack – Sim drivers quickly wear out a lot of socks for multiple reasons

1) Windows for the basement – Let that boy experience some natural sunlight