HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania – Rudy Burch has been letting all coworkers within earshot of his cubicle know how dumb they are for using all-season tires in the winter. Speaking with extreme arrogance and a condescending tone Burch was happy to pass his knowledge on to others in the office, “If you want to be out on the roads just spinning your tires and holding up people like me, then go right ahead. You might as well get out and walk for all the good your tires will do. If I were in charge, everyone would have to buy Blizzaks.”

Every year around this time Rudy gets on his high horse about winter tires and shaming everyone else,” said one coworker who does not even own a car, “this all started when someone in his autocross club sent him a Tire Rack catalog.

Coworkers all agreed they longed for simpler times when Burch would just go on and on about the Z rated tires he has on his 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix.