MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – Analysts for Google released a ground breaking report today that shows a direct link of puppies being killed every time someone mentions how the WEC could be bigger than F1.  “When looking at our analytics logs, we noticed a huge uptick, mostly in Great Britain, someone saying or posting about how the WEC could be bigger than F1 if everything goes according to plan.  It’s a hilarious, delusional thought, I know.” said Maddy Reid, Google’s Lead Engineer for Analytics.  Reid continued, “What else we noticed was that after the WEC/F1 quote was made, someone immediately posted about their puppy dying.  Seemed like an odd coincidence until we realized that each of these happenings were coming from the same city or town, sometimes even on the same block.”

Google is not exactly sure how these puppies are being killed, but stressed they are 100% sure it’s related to the FIA/WEC quotes and plead with the public to not make sure ludicrous statements in favor of the World Endurance Championship.  Each request from the online search-engine giant to perform an autopsy on these puppies has been declined by the owners when WEC was mentioned.