UNDISCLOSED – Using historical records and ground penetrating radar, students from Eastern Carolina University are confident they have located pieces of the lost John Dagys episode of Dinner with Racers. While the excavation is still ongoing, samples sent for carbon dating put the fragments in a range of 2015-2017 that would fit the timetable for when the episode went missing.

The leader of the excavation team responsible for the discovery is Dr. Phyllis Gorman, “This particular episode was believed to have been lost, because no evidence was ever entered into public record. All we had to go on was a brief mention in a YouTube video, but my students were confident there was enough evidence to make this excavation worthwhile, they were right, and I could not be more proud. There is no guarantee we will find the entirety of the episode, but we are confident that enough can be recovered as to let people know what might have happened and why.”