DALLAS, Texas – Gas Monkey Garage’s distinct logo of a monkey against a green background is easily recognizable even to people with only a passing interest in the custom car world. Richard Rawlings, founder and CEO of Gas Monkey, was even involved with IMSA sponsorship through his energy drink brand which is why more than a few eyebrows were raised when World Challenge signed a new sponsor called Purple Monkey Garage whose logo is just the Gas Monkey logo but in purple. “Kidding aside, I thought it was some parody of us which I thought was kind of cool,” said Rawlings while adjusting his multiple skull rings,”then I looked them up to learn it wasn’t a joke but a real thing. My lawyer said we should do something, but I felt so bad for them I couldn’t be bothered. The logo is just depressing to be honest.

Purple Monkey Garage’s website says they are a faith based marketing company that uses the power of prayer to help businesses reach their potential.