FONTANA, California – the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club is moving into the automotive game by launching a new chapter for the gang – Corvette Owners.  The Hell’s Angels National President was excited about the new addition, “Go to any race track across this beautiful nation and you will find dedicated and trust worthy group, almost cult-like in fact,” the President continued, “Each race track’s Corvette Corral is filled with C4-worshiping drivers and they all have the Hell’s Angels look and feel.  Whether it’s beating up a Mustang owner or delivering toys to underprivileged on Christmas, those who spend days and nights in the Corvette Corral are clearly cut out to be part of Hell’s Angels.”

Corvette Club of America President Mark Townsend, did not give The Lugg Nutt a comment.  Well, he tried to, but the sound of too many gold chains clinging together drowned out his response.