Australian and Irish drivers were left off for obvious reasons.

10) Santino Ferrucci – Just has a punchable face

9) Pipo Derani – Very quick behind the wheel, even quicker to be KO’d

8) Austin Dillon – If you thought Santino Ferrucci had a punchable face, meet Austin Dillon

7) Trevor Bayne – He won the 500, would also take 500 right hooks to the face by round 2

6) That skinny runt who drove for Sauber and will probably end up in Indycar

5) Max Verstappen – We’ve seen his “tough guy” face, it wasn’t pretty.

4) Lance Stroll – Would tell his dad

3) Gustavo Yacaman – Seems like he’d be a sloppy fighter and that would cost him in the octagon

2) Charles Leclerc – Have you ever seen a skinny French dude who can fight? I sure haven’t.

1) Zach Veach – Put on 10 pounds of muscle before the 2018 season to bring his total body weight up to 70.

Honorable Mention: Colton Herta.  Seems like a good dude, but would totally get destroyed in a fight.