LAGUNA PUEBLO, New Mexico – Local Rancher Carl Benitez was stunned when he swung open the doors of a decrepit old barn on his newly acquired land. Local Authorities, and Audi themselves have no idea how a 2012 Audi R18 LMP1 car wound up 45 miles West of Albequerque, but there it sat. Chassis #206 was last seen leaving Le Mans in 2012 after finishing 2nd.

“I’ve heard of barn finds with old cars before,” Benitez said when interviewed by Channel 6 News, “but I ain’t seen anything like this before. Its like a spaceship landed.  I thought it was a terrorist bomb or sumthin'”

Authorities have taken the car into custody until they sort out how the priceless machine wound up there.  Wayne Carini was recently spotted at an airport waiting to board a plane to Albuquerque.