EDISON, New Jersey – In an attempt to get real racing back on TV, one heroic internet commenter is letting everyone know that Speedvision needs to be brought back. Speedvision was once the go to for racing fans of everything from DTM to F1 to air races but slowly diminished until operations ceased in 2013 due to lack of viewership.

Since then, fans from all over the country who never watched Speedvision have lamented its loss. One such fan is James Pots, “It used to be so awesome to turn on Speedvision and there was some form of racing on. Alan DeCaviar did those in-depth shows about old cars I can’t name. Nowadays racing is spread across too many networks you can never find it. I didn’t actually watch Speedvision but heard it was great and saw so many people complaining that I thought I would join in. No one I know watched it, but we all wish it would come back.

Former Speedvision execs said that if half the people that said they watched really did the network still would have shut down.