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I would love to see Indycar get back to Cleveland as a staple on the calendar.  It was a simple track that produced great racing in the heart of a major, American city.  Maybe it could be paired with a back to back weekend with Mid Ohio.   – Tom, Columbus, OH

Get over it, Tom. Have you been to Cleveland?  There’s a reason why Lebron James left twice.  Keep waiting on the runway for Mark Miles to bring it back.

It appears the ACO and FIA are moving along with the Hypercar as the top format.  I don’t see anything wrong with it.  It is cheaper than LMP1 and will bring back the glory days from the late 90s with GT1, but with updated technology! Can’t wait for 2021!   – Marc, Paris, France

Yeah, GT1 was great.  I loved having races ruined by cars flipping over every time there was a little change in elevation on a race track.  Good stuff.  If you honestly think Hypercar will be at Le Mans in 2021, you probably also think OJ is innocent.  I’ve got news for you Marc, DPi is King now, go back to crying in your crossaint.

Formula One fan here.  I’ve been attending the race at COTA since it started and I absolutely love it!  I would be heart broken if the pinnacle of motorsport left.   – Steve, Dallas, Texas

Austin is a cool city when you’re not getting thrown up on for just walking down 6th Street.  COTA sucks though.  I’ve never seen a Formula 1 track that made Sebring look smooth, but then I went to COTA and goodness, that place is a dump.  Have you seen those internet slideshows of “Abandoned Race Tracks of the Past”?  COTA will be making those lists within the next two years.  I don’t know about you, Steve, but I’d rather watch Hamilton chug a Spotted Cow on the podium at Road America or Daniel Ricciardo do a Shoey in the The Boot at Watkins Glen.  Get outta here with your positive COTA talk.

I remember when drivers were hired based on skill, not because they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths!  Now we have every skinny wanna-be racer who thinks their hot shit because Daddy throws around a few million of play money every season!   – Dan, Des Moines, Iowa.

Love the passion, Dan.  I, too, am not a fan of Marco Andretti or Graham Rahal.