MYRTLE BEACH , South Carolina – After completing his third and final lap of the Richard Petty Driving Experience at Myrtle Beach Speedway, retired electrician Tom Daniels is ready for his next move in life.  “I pulled into pit lane, stopped the car and thought, ‘Hell yeah man, this is it’.”  After taking his instructor’s bottle of Sprite and spraying his wife Denise with it, Daniels said this about his self proclaimed win, “I just chose the right car out there today. It was literally the first car in line, but I but I kept it up front behind the instructor and beat everyone else.  When I hit 105MPH, I knew I had it and knew this is what God had planned for me.”

After his experience day was over, Daniels went to see Richard Petty to chat about an Xfinity ride for the upcoming 2019 season, but was told that Mr. Petty has never been to Myrtle Beach Speedway and does not plan on ever visiting this location.