A wide array of storylines pushed November into record territory for audience traffic, making it the most visited, and only, November in TheLuggNutt.com history. Over 420,690,000 unique visitors read stories on TheLuggNutt.com to surpass all other internet websites by 120%. As a result, TheLuggNutt.com has topped 3 billion annual visitors for the first time ever, with a month still remaining in the year.

Leading stories for the month included multiple headlines related to Gentleman drivers complaining about spending their millions of dollars on racing, new FIA’s driver rating categories, the great platform that is Hypercar, how catching Legionnaires disease at Sebring is great, Lamborghini seeing how dumb their customers are by creating an ugly and dumb SUV single-make racing series and race series partnering with AOL for live streaming just to name a few.

Thanks to all of those stories and more, a total of 200,057,420,690 pages were viewed for the month, representing a 100.7% gain just from Netscape browser users. New users continued to trend upward as well, with nearly 500,000,000 discovering TheLuggNutt.com for the first and last time.

U.S.-based users accounted for majority of audience traffic, followed by Canada, Australia and Brazil. Note that E.U. users are not currently being counted due to regulatory issues with GDPR requirements. All metrics quoted are based on Google Analytics. Alexa.com certified traffic does include users within the E.U., and based on their metric, total traffic for the month was 420,690,610 with the U.K., Netherlands, Norway and Germany all coming in ahead of Brazil. That represents an additional 549,600 users, increasing overall growth by nearly another 69%.

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