LANGLEY, Virginia – Documents obtained by The Lugg Nutt, through a FOIA request, has connected JDC-Miller Motorsports to a CIA lead PSYOP that targeted racing fans in an effort to sell more bananas on behalf of the American Consortium of Banana Growers (ACBG).

From 2010 to 2014 the ACBG faced declining sales along with market power. The response was hiring lobbyists in early 2015 to raise their concerns to members of Congress that make up the Senate Armed Services Committee. Around the middle of March of the same year, those same congressional members held a closed door committee meeting with the director of the CIA to discuss the importance of protecting domestic banana producers from foreign markets and pushed the CIA to intervene as a matter of national security.

The obtained files note that while CIA Director Alan Schofield was initially skeptical of the idea, he eventually signed off on a project internally referred to as CABANA BANANA. In the first months of 2016 JDC-Miller Motorsports was approached by agents working on CABANA BANANA to gauge their interest in promoting healthy lifestyles and the importance of potassium. Nowhere is it written that JDC-Miller Motorsports was informed of the full scope of BANANA CABANA but agreed, because John Church really likes bananas and thought it was cool they come in their own wrapper.

Agents informed the senior management of JDC-Miller Motorsports the CIA would be willing to fund an IMSA entry in the P2 class at the conclusion of 2016 when the class JDC-Miller Motorsports was then competing in would be eliminated. Using funds approved by Congress in a late night session the CIA purchased an ORECA-07 on behalf of JDC-Miller Motorsports for use in IMSA competition.

As CABANA BANANA stalled in mid 2017, agents decided upon the idea of naming the JDC-Miller Motorsports entry the ‘Banana Boat’ to use on social media. Shortly after ‘Banana Boat’ started appearing on a Facebook group that centered around IMSA. The first time ‘Banana Boat’ was used was by an agent posing as a moderator who then claimed to have been using the term for months but provided no evidence. A number of CIA constructed Facebook bots were used to endorse the usage of ‘Banana Boat’ and reinforce the belief that ‘Banana Boat’ was more common than evidence suggests.

As the ACBG started to see sales gains, CABANA BANANA was still being pressured by Congress to step up their efforts. More bots started to pop up on other social media platforms, posting memes that were shared hundreds of times. Also in August, JDC-Miller Motorsports was offered agents posing as marketing professionals to reach out to a Milwaukee based company and enter into an agreement to produce JDC-Miller Motorsports related apparel. The T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats would be yellow and carry the ‘Banana Boat’ branding to get the agenda out to a larger audience.

By the end of the IMSA season in October, CABANA BANANA was losing traction on social media as Facebook and Twitter were coming under fire for not taking action faster to eliminate bots promoting ‘Banana Boat’ posts. In the off season the CIA pushed back on Congress to discontinue CABANA BANANA but were rebuffed. During the winter leading and up to January of 2018 new agents had been brought in to conduct operations on the ground and move away from social media.

Agents dressed as bananas attended the 24 hour race at Daytona and were successful in photo ops with drivers and fans. CABANA BANANA was most effective when the agents were able to take photos with drivers of JDC-Miller Motorsports who, according to the official record, were not a part of CABANA BANANA or its goals.

Domestic banana sales continued to see growth and with a new incoming administration ACBG was hopeful of stronger tariffs on foreign producers.

In February Schofield was requested one last time to meet with Congress where he briefed members on the the success of having agents in banana suits attend Daytona and act silly. As evidence, Schofield played a gif of the dancing bananas and referenced domestic banana sales growth, but the chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee informed Schofield that CABANA BANANA would be wound down as soon as possible now that the president had signed an executive order protecting the fruit known for its flexibility in being used both in bread and muffins. The final days of June were the end of CABANA BANANA when agents were moved to other arenas not noted in the records.

Although officially disbanded, the CIA declined to comment on the influx of IMSA related posts that include the number ’69’ with the corresponding response of ‘nice’ that started to gain traction as CABANA BANANA ended.