PARIS, France – The ACO, overseers of the famed Le Mans 24 Hour event, were under a time crunch to announce the regulations of a new, soon-to-be-named racing class, but thanks to some hard desk jockey work and meetings with many parties that gave input but was ignored, the regulations are now set.

ACO Technical President Michel Ardenne, “Well, admittedly we were starting to run out of time.  We were so caught up dreaming about how to make this WEC Super Season sound legitimate, that we forgot about this new class,” Ardenne continued, “It was an intern in the accounting department that came up with the hat idea.  She had us all write down 5 ideas and drop them in a hat.  Pierre [Fillon] then picked 10 from the hat, and there we go.  Time to present it to the FIA for approval.  They don’t usually pay attention, so we should be good.”

Ardenne responded with a simple, “No comment.” when asked what manufacturers and teams are interested in this new class.