ONTARIO, Canada- A new manufacturer backed entry was added to the series today with Follow Direction Racing taking up the mantle to race a car not yet seen in competition in America.  While the car has yet to be delivered, one driver was announced to head the effort. Sam Tibot who represents the manufacturer and leads the effort was excited to discuss the driver choice of Cal Fulton,”After an extensive search for someone that meets our strict criteria of being a factory driver, we decided Cal was the perfect fit. He is known for his huge potential, work ethic, public relations skills, and having a giant bag of cash that had $4,000,000 in it. It is that combination that would make any driver hard to overlook.”

Fulton was equally upbeat about this all new project,”When the manufacturer first showed interest in bringing this car to race in America, I really wanted to reach out to Sam to let him know that I had $4,000,000 burning a hole in my pocket. Sam was more than willing to talk to me, and my only stipulation was that I be allowed to change my Wikipedia entry to reflect my status as a factory driver. Sam sealed the deal by getting it put on my bio page of the team website.” The Lugg Nutt informed Fulton that his Wikipedia entry had been recently edited so that his profession was now being shown as ‘douchebag’ to which Fulton refused to comment.