By Kyle Seward

Friends, fast cars, Florida sunshine, and contracting Legionnaires’ disease are part of a spring tradition that takes place every March and is something I never miss out on. Known for its rowdy parties, legendary winners, and being a breeding ground for killer bacteria, the 12 Hours of Sebring has kept fans like me coming back since 1950. From Bruce McLaren to Mario Andretti to Bill Auberlen to nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea Sebring has it all. Come for Green Park and stay for the muscle cramps and joint pain. My first experience at this iconic track can never be forgotten but mostly because of the long term neurological issues I now suffer from. Do not let that deter you, because you can also get headaches that make living day to day a nightmare! Did I mention the burning couches and wacky people in cow suits? People go to concerts and brag about the noise and temporary hearing loss. How is that so different than life threatening pneumonia? They say nothing good in life comes easy, and I tend to agree. There are so many great race tracks in America that offer a unique experience whether it is the history, food, or challenging layout, but none of those leave you in the ICU with a fever so high your brain could potentially boil in your skull. I’m already getting excited thinking about there being two major races next year that will afford me the opportunity to poop myself while having convulsions.