TOPEKA, Kansas – The Midwest Division of SCCA held their annual autocross event at the Harbor Freight factory parking lot this past weekend and was rocked when 17 year old Michelle Palmer won her class in her first ever solo outing. More shocking to fellow competitors was Michelle having only a torque wrench to check her wheels in between runs. One competitor, who refused to be named, was not happy. “This is a competitive sport that we all take seriously, and some of us have been doing this for years, “said the unnamed man who was standing against his tool cabinet that was on his trailer attached to a new Ford pickup that he used to tow his car to the competition,”I take pride in driving six hours both ways to wrench on my car and compete. This is a high pressure environment, someone showing up for the first time with just a torque wrench tells me they are not serious. I might even appeal her win.”

Other participants congratulated Michelle and said they hope she comes to more events but would prefer she add more stickers to her car and at least bring a tire gauge next time to make them feel better.  Michelle confirmed she would have to take her car in to the dealer to have her brakes checked before doing another event.