PARIS, France – The FIA and ACO have been struggling to bring more fans and viewers to the endurance sportscar racing side of the company for the last three seasons.  While numbers are down, the WEC heads are not just sitting around, they are reaching out to the greatest racing promoter the world has ever seen: Bernie Ecclestone.

One WEC executive told The Lugg Nutt, “It’s no secret we need to get at least 55,000 fans at each race weekend and we’ve been struggling to do that since both Porsche and Audi pulled their LMP1 programs.  While we have totally not made up any attendance numbers, we still want to get more butts in seats,” he continued, “So we looked back at what Bernie did with Formula 1 and the ideas that never were realized.  Sprinkler systems, joker laps, having fans play Frogger across a live track – these are all genius ideas.  Bernie may be older than dirt, but hot damn, that senile, shriveled brain can still pump out some winners.  If rallycross, especially Red Bull Global Rallycross, can work, the WEC can work.  Maybe we’ll reach out to them as well.”