PALM SPRINGS, Florida – Michael George Phillips, wealthy businessman and gentleman race car driver, has been outspoken with his concerns on the rising cost to go racing with his GT3 Audi R8 LMS.  “It’s getting crazy!  I used to be able to do World Challenge for under a mil, but now that’s gone up. IMSA is over $3mil!” added Phillips, “GT3 used to be about Cup cars matching up and now every manufacturer takes a car, fills it full of carbon fiber and racing parts and sells it for $600,000!  It’s not headed in the right direction, that’s for sure.”

When asked on his plans for the 2019 racing season, Phillips confirmed he purchased the new 2019 Evo kit from Audi and will self-produce a documentary-style TV show about his life as an ultra rich male who happens to like racing. The series will be filmed throughout his 2019 season.