CARMEL, Indiana – Brandon Dasher has built quite the career as a photographer.  From weddings for local Indianapolis news anchors to senior picture sessions, Dasher has done it all.  That is until a local racing team, who was racing on the Indianapolis Motorsports Speedway road course, called Dasher to take some last minute shots for the weekend.

I couldn’t believe it!  When Tommy from Go Fast Racing gave me the call up, I was really thrilled.  I had never shot racing cars before, but I think I’ll be adding it to my portfolio going forward,” said Dasher.  After each session Dasher would go to the media center to download the shots and send over to Go Fast.  That was when it hit him.  Not a single shot was in focus.  Each shot blurry and off center. His stomach sank.  “I thought I just wasn’t cut out for the big world of motorsports photography, but then other photogs gathered around and were really encouraging!”

Mark Dodgeson, a world renowned racing photographer was impressed, “I couldn’t believe how natural blurriness came to him.  Brandon can really capture the speed and shaky side of racing.  When a V8 goes thumping by, you can feel and hear it in his pictures.  It’s art!  Something the commoner racing patron doesn’t understand.”

Dasher was sought out by a few other teams and for the 2019 season landed the prestigious WEC head photographer contract.