By: Tim Specter

I have been around the block and lived through a world war so let me tell you there are lots of things young people today don’t care about. Hard work, getting dirt under you fingernails, and long boring discussions about Mark Donohue are something the youth of today seem to be too good for. There was a time when you could discuss Mark Donohue and bore others to death with all his achievements. Bring up Donohue today and millennials only ask if he’s on the Twitter. They only want to talk about Ryan Eversley while they oil their beards. Nobody cares about the man once known as ‘Captain Nice’ and all the different formulas he raced in. Before millennials you could just mention the 1972 Indy 500 and people would know who you were talking about. Can you believe that? He won the first 500 for Team Penske, and then drove the fearsome 917/30 to a Can Am championship. Two monumental wins in consecutive years in different series. How does that not excite the youth of today and something they want to discuss for hours on end? Mark Donohue really could do it all. Did you know he won in Trans Am as well? What driver has that type of resume today? Don’t ask a millennial. I do suppose it’s just another great tradition our country doesn’t want to acknowledge anymore. Add it to the garbage pile with discussing the Andrettis bad luck at Indy for the 500th time.