KANNAPOLIS, North Carolina – A bitter and intensifying dispute between the citizens of Kannapolis and the city council over whether or not to allow driver statues on public property boiled over on Tuesday morning in the predawn hours as protesters wearing ski masks took down the Dale Earnhardt statue. The protesters cheered as the statue fell and police tried to regain order. “These actions by the protesters are abhorrent.  What’s worse is the police and local authorities did next to nothing to stop it. Our history is being erased, and where does it end? Dale represents our culture, and that culture is under attack,” explained Sally Hanson who heads the local chapter of the Daughters of the Intimidator.

Protesters, some wearing ‘Dale is Stale’ hoodies, beat the fallen statue with their shoes and painted Dale’s mustache blue as a further insult to the NASCAR legend also known as ‘The Man in Black.’ Once protesters fled the scene, Hanson and others from the Daughters of the Intimidator held a brief vigil to discuss what to do next and agreed this was all a well orchestrated riot paid for by Jeff Gordon.