MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin – Blogger Max Kriddle has a passion, well more of a fetish, for GT-based sportscar racing, and he lets everyone know it with his sportscar blog,  Multiple times each season Kriddle gets on a soap box – usually what the series should do with their TV package, how to increase grid numbers and what race tracks to run.  Unsurprisingly to everyone but Max, the series has yet to implement any of the bloggers suggestions.

I love Global Challenge United States like it’s my child.  If I could I would marry Global Challenge United States,” said the blogger, “I don’t quite get why the series never listens to my changes – they’re quite simple and good.  Maybe it’s because I have never worked within a race series or know the business side at all, but man, I’ve got the Global Challenge United States fever and the only cure is more GT3.”

The Lugg Nutt reached out to Global Challenge United States for comment, but the series only replied, “Who?