SOUTH BELOIT, Illinois – Securing an F1 race on American soil, or anywhere for that matter is a difficult thing to do. Not only is the funding immense, but the challenge F1 brings from a track safety perspective as well as the infrastructure required to host such a large event makes it a nightmare for race tracks.  Enter Blackhawk Farms race way in Beloit, IL. “Well we think it would be a perfect venue for those formula one boys to come show their stuff,” track president Gordon O’Callahan to the local CBS affiliate. “Blackhawk farms is a family friendly venue with a rich history and a real challenge on the drivers. I’d love to see what Lewis Hamilton thinks about our famed turn 3a!”

The FIA uses a grading system, typically 1 through 6 to rank the safety of tracks. All F1 tracks, such as Austin, Texas’ Circuit of the Americas are grade 1 tracks. A recent survey deemed Blackhawk to be FIA Grade 12, which is so low it is currently not found in any documentation. So clearly there is some work to be done, but local fans are excited about the prospect of an F1 race.

Well my buddy Todd runs a Spec Miata out there sometimes and he seems to love it, it would certainly be something to see F1 cars there, ” Said Beloit resident Gary Kowalski. “It would be the 2nd biggest Beloit event of the year right after the Civil War Reenactment Fest.