DAYTONA , Florida – NASCAR has revealed plans for an expanded playoff format to start as early as the 2019 season.  “The Chase as been a boon for NASCAR with all the added excitement.  Some would say it even has an NHL-like playoff feel and this new idea would only enhance the experience,” said NASCAR spokesman Rod Grant.

The new regulations call for every driver in the series to make the playoffs, but there will be no elimination aspect.  Points will be totaled through the season as a whole where the driver with the highest point total after the final playoff race will win the title.  “It’s an interesting concept,” said veteran NASCAR journalist, Thomas Debney, “I’m curious to see how it works out.  Also curious to see if it’s a success how many other series like Indycar or F1 would copy it.

A final decision on the new playoff format will be announced by the end of December.