LEXINGTON, Ohio – On Saturday at the conclusion of the day’s on-track activities, fans are invited to the abandoned maintenance shed over by RV camping for a special podcasting event. The event at the maintenance shed is not to be confused with a previously announced and more popular podcast. “This is sort of new to us, but due to the popularity of the previously announced podcast we could not pass up the opportunity to host another on the same weekend. We reached out to the more popular podcast, and when that was announced, the host of this second podcast called and asked if we could make time for them and if we had a folding table and an extension cord they could use. It really is the least we can do, even if we are not sure why we agreed to it,” read a press release from Mid-Ohio management. If the second podcast is able to find an amp and end on time, fans are advised to then head over to the paddock stage for a more popular podcast which will have non-cartoon stickers, but did bring their own folding table.