LAKE TAHOE, NV – “I told them, man. These cats just didn’t listen,” slurred a man, within earshot of other patrons, at the Cabo Wabo Bar, “You see Vettel out there at Baku, and it’s like he said to himself, ‘Well, there’s too much traffic, I can’t pass, no! So I tried my best illegal move.’ It’s just nuts.” The unnamed man stroked his sinewy and red tinged chin hair then continued, “They didn’t listen to me until something happened. Look at Bianchi. It just bummed me out, brother. That’s when I told Charlie Whiting, ‘You get my point?’ Then they went and did the Virtual Safety Car. Just disgusting, man. It was too late. The speeds under normal yellows weren’t good enough. I don’t know what a safe speed would have been but could have suggested something.” The man finished off his tequila before pointing out where the restroom was to another customer, because everybody’s lookin’ for somethin.