LAKEVILLE, Connecticut – Dane Cameron sat in front of the Channel 6 news camera with local sports anchor, Julie Thompson to promote the upcoming IMSA weekend at Lime Rock Park.  Thompson asked, “So tell me.  What’s it like to drive with Patrick Dempsey,” despite the Emmy award-winning heart throb not racing in the series for over 3 seasons.  “Were you always star struck when McDreamy was around?”

No, he’s actually just a normal person who..” replied Cameron, but was quickly cutoff by Thompson. “But it’s PATRICK DEMPSEY,” said Thompson again.

Cameron reiterated, “Patrick hasn’t raced in the series in over 3 years. I’m sure he still loves racing, but he hasn’t been involved in IMSA in any way.  We have some other really great drivers and really cool cars, the DPi is really..”

What’s his favorite food?  Do you have his address? I’d love to send him some cake” Thompson said, interrupting Cameron again.

Cameron walked out of the interview, with the TV station crew not even noticing as they all began day dreaming and asking hypothetical questions about actor Patrick Dempsey to themselves.