ELKHART LAKE, WI – Sportscar Ace Jordan Taylor has made a splash in the IMSA and NASCAR paddocks with his alter ego super fan character Rodney Sandstorm. Now the rainbow jacket-clad jorts aficionado has found himself with some copycats. Roughly 1100 people reside in Elkhart lake, many going all out for Halloween night 2 weeks ago. Well the numbers are in and the Rodney Sandstorm costume was a surprise addition to the most-worn list.

The usual costumes, Nurse, Cat, Ghost, Pumpkin etc. all found themselves once again on the list, but coming in a respectable 9th with a whopping 8 people partaking, Rodney Sandstorm has cracked the top 10.  All 8 Sandstorms were in attendance at Siebkens Annual Halloween bash. One of the revelers, a gender-bended Sandstorm, was local super-fan Beth Porterson who had this to say. “Oh my gosh, I just love that Jordan, or as I call him Ricky’s brother. Haha I’m just joshin’. But really this years costume was a no-brainer as soon as I found the jacket.”

The Annual Siebkens Halloween bash is a hotbed for racing themed costumes, some highlights were, ‘The ghost of Burt Levy’, ‘Greenpark Strangler’ from Sebring, and ‘Dabbing Austin Dillon”.