FAIRFIELD, Kentucky — While out shopping at a local auto parts store, area man Blake Richardson noticed that the Indy Racing League sticker that he got at the 1996 Indianapolis 500 and promptly put on the back of his Ford F-150 was faded, and was pretty much unrecognizable. “Dang,” he said, “looks like it’s time for me to get a new one of those Earl stickers. That thing lasted longer than Billy Boat’s qualifying run that year,” reminiscing over the American’s failed qualifying attempt from that season.  Richardson still wasn’t sure what he was going to replace it with. “I can’t possibly replace it with a new series sticker, I mean, Page-NAWD? Who roots for someone with a weird name like that? There’s so many Europeans in the series now. Ray-hall, Cannon, and Hinchcliff-ee? And the new guy Ganassi just hired…Rosen-quvest? Who has a name like that? I miss the good old days where you had guys like Calkins, Sharp, Stewart and Dr. Jack running. Those were easy names to remember.”  Richardson was last seen trying to connect to the internet to get another IRL sticker off of eBay.