BLOOMINGDALE, Georgia — Talking to his student after the first intermediate session of the afternoon, local grassroots racer Gregory Davis admitted that the reason he is such a good instructor is because he almost had a professional sports car ride.  Davis, who is a journeyman instructor, still races on occasion in the local NASA and SCCA classes with great success, said to his student that he almost had a ride with a top flight team back in 2013. “I had the ride, ink was almost dry, but once everyone started merging into one series, there was no more room for me at IMSA,” Davis said. “I guess I wasn’t the only one. I mean, if your name’s not Lally, Edwards, or your dad doesn’t own a race team, how are you going to make it?”  Davis said he’s still open to a pro career in IMSA or Blancpain GT, but said “With those darn driver ratings, how am I supposed to make it? At least it was simple back then, you either worked during the week or didn’t.”