CHARLESTON, South Carolina – Charleston resident Chris Isaacson takes an annual pilgrimage to the hostel of speed at Braselton, Georgia’s Road Atlanta. Every year Isaacson snaps as many photos as humanly possible of the cars, the drivers, and yes, the grid girls, all blurrily taken on his iPhone 5S. Now, a month removed from the event, he has finally gotten around to uploading them to his Facebook page which he shares with his wife Candy. The CandyNChris Isaacson account has 6 years of Petit Le Mans photos uploaded to it, albums that range from 87 photos up to this years record 574.  For Isaacson’s 378 Facebook friends, the album has become somewhat of an annual event. “Well I enjoy it because Chris does a great job encapsulating the weekend when we are unable to be there,” remarked Isaacson’s High school classmate Tyrell Davis. “Its been about 15 years since I seen Chris, but I’m sure to ‘like’ his album each and every year. It’s a real treat.”  When asked if he ever thought about upgrading to something a little more powerful than a phone camera, Isaacson said, “The iPhone really allows me to move freely throughout the paddock, sometimes a grid girl won’t let you pose against her chest for too long so when I give the phone to a stranger they need to be able to operate it properly.”