PARIS, France – After admitting it bit off a bit more than they could chew with driver rankings in international sports car competition, the FIA announced in their annual driver rankings list that they are looking at adding another level to the already overly-complicated system. “We are also considering adding another level to the driver rankings, Aluminum. This will go below the Bronze level,” the release stated, “It will include drivers who own supercars and have never done anything further than track days in their lives.  They will be eligible to race in anything from regional races, all the way to the prestigious 24 Hours of LeMans, in any class.” Critics are already bashing the move, saying it will create even more carnage.  One team owner said “Yeah, it’s great that we get the super wealthy because they can pay their own damage bills, hopefully, but how long will it take for them to get bored? Middle of Sebring?” Other “improvements” to the driver rankings included levels called paper, plastic and #2 pencil wood.