TULSA, Oklahoma — For what seemed like the hundredth time this month, members of the Northeast Oklahoma SCCA Facebook group noticed that autocrossers had made their way back onto infiltrating their page. “Next person who posts this weekend’s course will be BANNED from the next event!!!!!”, the latest post read, in regards to a “rash of some posters giving everyone a head start and leaking the course map.”

Spec Miata champion Chris Goetz said, “This is out of control. I mean, I posted details of a track day I’m hosted at Hallett later this month, then all of a sudden those cone chasers post 5 other things, burying mine! If I can’t break even, I’ll go out there and show those wannabes how a real racer races.” NeOkla SCCA Board of Directors had no comment to how to limit these posts, yet one source said “What the hell is a Facebook?”