SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota – 52 Year-old John Hamilton of Sioux Falls attended his first sportscar race this past summer, heading east to Road America, a few months later he was dead. His widow Cathy didn’t bat an eye when John called from Siebkens in the early hours of Sunday morning claiming he had “been bitten by the racing bug.” Little did Cathy know that John had been actually bitten by an actual Racing Bug, a deadly member of the beetle family that when untreated can be deadly. When John returned home he became so consumed with ordering Corvette Racing gear that he soon forgot about the bite all together. A week later John fell into a Coma and a few months later he had passed. Dr. Stu Mayfield of Sioux Falls General had this to say, “The Racing Bug isn’t too well known in states without large racetracks.  These are bugs that feed upon a certain bacteria that only grows near large quantities of used rubber and brat grease, making a racetrack an ideal environment. The neurotoxins carried by the beetle can be very deadly if untreated as we have seen here in Mr. Hamilton’s case.”