SANDWICH, IL – Working as a bank manger for the last ten years is a worthy profession and one that Mike Mueller is proud of but wishes it would have gone a little differently, “I went to college for finance and management so I would say this worked out pretty well, but some days I can’t help but think how much better would it have been had I opened a shady pay day loan business.” Mueller’s desk has a number of framed photos of race cars that he says he could have bought had he no had ethics or compassion, “instead of doing this interview I could be at Spa doing a Porsche Cup race then flying to Laguna Seca for Ferrari Challenge then back to the office to change the address and company name so the feds are not able to connect it to me. That would have been the life for sure.” In an attempt to still live that dream Mueller hired a security guard to stand at his cubicle and look threatening.