VALENCIA, Spain – MotoGP is the most prestigious series in international motorcycle racing, and in recent years the series has been kept in the limelight by riders with notable nicknames. Valentino ‘The Doctor’ Rossi, Nicky ‘Kentucky Kid’ Hayden, and Marc ‘Ant of Cervera’ Marquez are a few of the most recognizable. Sebastian Mateo currently leads the Moto3 championship with the intention of getting to the premier class but not before choosing a good nickname. “All the best riders have memorable nicknames which has really put pressure on me to do the same,” Mateo continued, “for a while I was thinking of going with ‘The Sidewinder’, but we couldn’t make it fit on a shirt. My manager suggested ‘Hot Mustard’ and working with condiment companies for sponsorship, but that was a dead end. I have a championship to focus on for now which, for the moment, is the main goal.”

Although Mateo has yet to make a final decision, some members of the MotoGP paddock disagreed with Mateo’s assessment and thought ‘Hot Mustard’ was pretty rad.