AUSTIN, Texas – Pro Race driver Mike Trenton thought it was going to be a beautiful Wednesday morning at Circuit of the Americas as he got ready to test a new Ferrari 488 GT3 for RW Motorsports.  With a light fog hovering over the circuit and delaying the test by an hour, Trenton took the opportunity to snap a few pics of the bright red prancing horse on his iPhone.  Trenton reflects, “I had an awesome angle, low to the ground, 3/4 shot.  Took it and posted my IG with the caption ‘My office for the day’.  Next thing I know, Brian [Williamson] and Patrick [McKirkland] start throwing poop at me! I don’t even know where they got it.  I’m thinking it was from a dog somewhere, but it doesn’t matter, it was poop, man!  The hell is that?”

Trenton had to withdraw from Wednesday’s test to get his suit dry cleaned at the local Zips Dry Cleaner.  No word has been given if he continued testing on Thursday.