PARIS, France – Tired of not having a voice in the critical decision making of FIA driver ratings, thousands of drivers descended on Paris today to demand justice. The point of contention between drivers and the governing body has been where the line is drawn when it comes to being an amateur or a professional. The term ‘Super Silver’ has been coined for drivers that lobby to keep an amateur status even though they meet the criteria of a gold (Pro) rating. Among the drivers with a lit torch and threatening to just go to ARCA is Angela Bell, “The process is all done behind closed doors with no driver input. There have been many times where the ratings have come out with a silver driver now being a gold, but then that person threatens to pull their funding out of the sport and amazingly their ranking is back to silver. All we are asking for is a chance to be heard and a little transparency, because this is how many of us make a living so it really hurts to know your livelihood is being decided behind closed doors.”

As the day wore on, the intense anger of the crowd did not wane. Some drivers said they were there to protest no matter what. “Last year I was a gold and wanted silver, this year I am silver and want gold, and next year I will reverse course again. To me it is just wild they fail to take us seriously,” yelled one driver wearing some garishly bright jacket with sponsor patches covered in black tape. Quite a few of the protesters pointed out that the only upside to this day is just copying and pasting tweets from the previous years complaining about the same thing.