DEARBORN, Michigan – A lot is changing in the world of sportscar racing and Ford aims to be at the forefront.  However, with a lot of unknowns in the world-wide direction of Prototype and GT racing, Ford Motorsports has decided to kill two birds with one stone with the future of their programs.  “…so we built the GT.  We convinced the ACO and IMSA to let us plug it into GTE/GTLM specification for the time being, but if we need to, we can fill out a simple form and BAM! (smacks table) now it’s a LMP1, Hypercar or DPi,” said Ford Motorsports Associate Director, Miles Simon.

Simon continued, “We love motorsports.  From GT4 to Stock Car to Rally and Drag Racing, we want to be involved.  We also obviously have a passion for sportscar racing and want the ability to race our top-of-the-line sportscar wherever and whenever we want.  [holds up picture of Ford GT] It’s called being agile people, look it up!”

Ford Motorsports has a lot of decisions to be made in the near future about the direction of their sportscar program(s), but luckily they have a leg up on the competition in terms of development if they decide to race in DPi, Hypercar or keep it as-is with a GTE/LM machine.